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Thread: Hi guys, I'm still kicken around...

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    Default Hi guys, I'm still kicken around...

    I just wanted to say Hi....
    Brain/Pit tumor=17 brain surgeries 20year csf leak(Feb, 1993) After initial tumor removal!, SPMS , Hydrocephalus from a intraventricular hemorrhage! Panhypopituitary, Diabetes Insipidus, tension pneumatocele, ( air under the skull next to the brain), 2 craniofacial craniotomies, several shunt revisions, 7 bifrontal craniotomies ... Dag "If I started crying I wouldn't stop!

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    Hello, I have not checked this board for a long time. It is nice to see a familiar "face" right at the top of the messages. I have "chosen" to live with my small cranial leaks for six years now and I get along just fine - but am always torn as to whether I should push harder for a diagnosis due to the continual meningitis risk. I think about you though from time to time because I know you have lived so long with your leaking - you are sort of an inspiration to me!
    - Take Care...Ed.

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    Hi, too!

    I've seen some improvement with my chronic headache, occasionally it'll disappear for a little bit, max half an hour. I lost my avatar picture of my "spinal leak" when the forum software was changed.

    The chronic low-grade spinal leakers left camp, but I didn't follow them, of course.

    I continue to believe that my headache is due to something mechanical. And I'm convinced that my spinal leak diagnosis by Dr. Schievink was simply dead wrong.

    These spinal leak diagnosis are way too easy to obtain it seems, and they lead to much unneeded suffering as we saw. Scary stuff in my opinion.

    And so, as with you couple of other forum survivors, I live with my problem - currently the best option, although I haven't been able to go back to work yet.

    All the best,


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    sorry what was your diagnosis again?

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