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Thread: Useful Websites (posted by David Hosobuchi, 10/06)

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    Thumbs up Resource for homecare assistance through the MS Foundation

    The MS Foundation has home care assistance, available to qualified applicants, as described in this notice:

    Homecare Assistance Grants

    MS Focus understands the daily needs and challenges that must be met by both those with MS and their caregivers. In order to meet these needs in the most timely and efficient way possible, our Homecare Assistance Grantconnects you to the best available local services. Should resources within your community not be available, direct support may be provided on a temporary basis.

    Available Services include

    ~Home Care - Personal hygiene services, light housekeeping, grocery shopping, meal preparation, and transportation to and from appointments are all services that can be provided for a limited time.

    ~Therapy Visits - Based upon individual need, an appointment with an occupational, physical, or speech therapist can be arranged. Through education and training, these therapists can help to foster independence, self-esteem, and better quality of life for the person living with MS.

    ~Respite Care - Respite allows primary caregivers the opportunity to tend to themselves, or other family business, with the assurance that their loved one is being cared for by a properly trained individual. This service is provided on a short-term basis for a scheduled period of time.

    ~Coming Home - Returning home from a stay at the hospital can be a difficult time of transition. We offer a four-hour visit from an aide who will meet the patient at the hospital, provide transportation home, and then get the patient settled comfortably at home.

    The application can be seen and printed here:
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    This post is being set up to list changes in this thread for the moderators to make. I appreciate the help being given by Mike Weins, David Hosobuchi and the moderators in updating this information.

    Two posts can deleted:

    # 12 and # 10 (these links are no longer good)

    In post #22, the link should be


    In post # 1:

    Delete this sentence:

    Below is an abridged version giving only current links that are still working. I've omitted most discussions, comments, and a few less relevant posts.

    #2 - MSAA link should be changed to

    #3 - MS Foundation phone number should be 1-888-673-6287

    #5 - MS International Federation should be

    For legibility, it would be helpful if all of the centered category headings could be consistent and in a larger font and in bold. The category "Wheelchairs and Other Assistive Devices" could be changed to "Assistive Devices" too. So the categories would be: MS ORGANIZATIONS, MRI, INFORMATION ABOUT MS, TREATMENTS, ASSISTIVE DEVICES, and ASSISTANCE.

    There will be many changes to come in post #1 as I hope to incorporate the links included in some more recent posts and update the old links as well.

    This process may take a couple of weeks. In the meantime, this thread may look as if it's under construction.


    Please delete this part at the end of post #1 as it's very out of date:

    This thread can be edited for the next 72 hours. Please let me know of any changes that need to be made. Of course anyone can add posts with additional information to this thread at any time.

    Special thanks to the contributors to the original thread whose information is included here:

    0357, Ascott, Bill[uk], bluesky63, calcal, euphoniaa, 'Lissa, moose53, mmcc53, MRF_Justine, lady_express_44, skm, Greg B 777, thumbsup, notasperfectasyou, SalpalSally, Annie1234.
    ADDED 1/17/18: In post #3, Neurology Today should be Neurology Now.

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