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Thread: I'm back!!

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    Arrow I'm back!!

    Hello my friends,

    For those that remember me, and who may know me from other sites, forums or facebook Hello and so sorry I've not been here in such a long time. It seems my old account name was still in place though my account wiped and I'm starting over again, this being my 2nd post according to the sites history, though I remember that it was ONLY because of friends here after I was diagnosed in 2003 that I made it to where I am today. Helping others with TN as it helps me to help them.

    I hope my dear friends are still here, and I'd love to touch base with those of you who are here - please check in and say Hi when you can!

    I'm currently in a bad way, but right now - not from the TN or my other disorders but as a possible nasty side effect from having sinus surgery just over two weeks ago - looks like I might have contracted a slow CSF leak :( pathology is sent away and now I wait and pray in the meantime that it does not turn into meningitis! Please send me lots of positive thoughts and your good wishes that I only improve and not worsen further than I am. I feel like I am getting worse, if the migraine type pains are anything to go by and how much I need to sleep - but there is NO sign of infection as yet. Though I have a long list of symptoms to be wary of. My ENT was great pushing forward my appointment after I landed in the ER via ambulance last Saturday morning and he has told me to phone him - day or night if I did happen to worsen.

    I need to get up my number of posts so hopefully, I'll be chatting with each of you here very soon. My street cred on BT has gone to nil. lol. but so much has happened to BT since I first joined here over a decade ago, including that now it says I joined in 2006 instead of 2003!

    Chat soon hopefully my friends!

    Love & Hugs - Wishing you all a pain free day!

    Kerry (Immo)

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    I will be praying for you. Rae has been mostly pain free for awhile now. We are just enjoying every day we can. She finally got to fly a kite. It was one of the best days!

    Hope to talk more. The board has been really quiet. I hope that means everyone is pain free or pain controlled.

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    Hi Kerry,

    You'll always be a "Distinguished Community Member" to me, and the gal who is mesmerized by Frisbees;)

    I'm glad you are back! bob
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