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Thread: Help a minor with Autism and his abusive mother.

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    Unhappy Help a minor with Autism and his abusive mother.

    One of my best friends has High Functioning Autism (He's 17.) Because of it, his mother is using it as an excuse to call him incompetent and prevent him from contacting the outside world in isolation from any of his friends or people he went to for support. He is on 24/7 watch of caretakers she herself hired and cannot ever leave their sight. He wants to escape her but cannot use the phone, she took away his computer, and monitors him every minute of the day where he cannot call for help himself.
    He's tried attempted suicide, running away, and everything he can to get attention and help but they always listen to his mother who says he's not competent to speak for himself or know what he wants. She even intends to have him filed as incompetent after 18. Can you help him?

    We his friends created a group to raise awareness, but we don't have the power to change anything, if anyone tries she files a restraining order on them.

    He is a perfect example of autism at a high intelligence level, and what she's doing to him is abusing the disorder of autism for everyone. I myself have aspergers as well so I know just how he feels in this predicament. He tries to speak out, but they never listen to him and now he's so isolated by this woman that he can't speak out going completely opposite to letting 'Autism Speak.'

    Where he needs and wants his friends, he's instead isolated. He tried the suicide and running away as a means to get his mother to see what she was doing to him, but it all backfired on him. She just went worse on him and twisted the law, doctors, the rest of his family, everyone onto her side and prevented him from getting himself heard by any of them by just filing him off as incompetent.

    She even told him how to think. When he tried the suicide attempt, he quoted her saying she told HIM why he tried to commit suicide. Told him how his emotions were, his thoughts, everything and provided different reasons than he himself provided, in attempt to manipulate his thoughts. She blames his friends for everything when she doesn't realize (or maybe she does) that she's the one to blame and the reason that he tried those things.

    Instead she blames other sources and isolates him from what he really needs. His friends that he had, and the social interaction that he looked to for support and friendship.

    Please, can anyone out there that supports autism help?

    A way to take this to the press or anything? I've tried most of everything that I can do. I'm in AZ he's in Cali. And I'm really running out of options to help him.

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    Calling Child Protective Services (CPS) should at least open an investigation.

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