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    Default Blood Pressire Cuff

    Anyone ever buy one of these? I just did another back to back hospital first on BP was 77/37 sent me home; with fever amd nfection secong time they found the culprit C Diff nasty business

    So I found a panasonc wrist BP thingy that I can afford


    Brutal cold coming


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    Abby, I don't think you meant to link to the article about the coming cold winter. But then I may be wrong.

    But as to your question about a Blood Pressure Cuff:
    We have a digital one for the wrist. Prior to that we had a digital one for the upper arm.
    I'm told that the digital devices aren't as good as the old fashion ones, but they should give a good indication if your bp is steady or suddenly going up or down. Any sudden changes can be checked with the doctor.

    The hospital sent you home with a 77/37 bp???
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    I have had a cuff for my wrist and loaned it out so then bought one that the cuff goes around my upper arm at the bend. the important thing is to start checking it with whatever you buy it and take both your record of what your blood pressure was and also take the cuff with you.

    The doctor can take your blood pressure with his cuff, then take it with yours and tell you if it is close enough. Hope you can figure out what I am trying to get at. I'm not know for clarity when trying to tell anything.

    I have a microlife cuff blood pressure monitor and I like it very much. good luck with you blood pressure getting it stable.

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