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Thread: Get back to where ya once belonged

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    Smile Get back to where ya once belonged

    How long are we only gunna gripe about the board’s format changing? Surly there are various moops visiting the site with their insipid “is this MS?” questions.

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    Excuse me, Tweeker, but what are "moops"?

    I don't think the "Is this MS?" question is insipid. People come on here who are genuinely worried. After all, their entire future might be very definitely changed by a diagnosis of MS.

    As for gripes about the change in format, I haven't seen that much griping. I've seen some legitimate questions. Many people here got used to a fairly stable format that lasted for years and years.

    Just look at all of the detailed stuff you have to click on and find out about here. This takes time and patience, and some of us are short on those for health reasons and other reasons as well.

    Any new Website is probably going to involve getting used to some changes. Give us time. We'll catch on and stop asking questions.
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