I called last week to talk to donna. she and keving bothmissed one of our get to getheres said they had flu. well we went to see them it had gone into pneumonia. donna lost 12 pounds. so I was wondering if they would be up to going out to eat. donna was at her mothers so kecving told me that she was going to call me. well dunce tghat I am I asked questions and he said tghat her cancer was trying to become active again.

I never know what to say. I did ask that he have her call me because thedy both sleep weird and I know it is hard for me but with the pressures they are dealing with I can imagine sleep does not always come easy.

you all were so wonderful when it was my brother and I never did thank you for it. he is okay still. so if you would just keep donna and keving in your thoughts and prayers i'd appreciate it. donna is a strong person and shed says God is with her. she is never bitter and it helps me to stay strong when she is so strong herself. she has lived about 5 years now since the diagnosis and she will still tell you that she has met people that are in thedir 20 year after diagnosis.

there is a restaurant she wants to eat at and we had planned to go. but b y the time she called me the next day keving was asleep the place closes at q2 pm so it was to late to eAt tghedred that day. I am hoping she will call and be up to going one day soon. she made mention about reading about the place while looking at magazines while getting chemo and wanted to try it. so she needs to keep her weight up and i', game to eat anywhere she wants to try.

trying a new drug and if her magnesium and all stays high enough, she gets it added and it makes chemo take longer. I hopr ther new drug plus some of her old drug kicks cancer in hinney! (well she has a colostomy bag and that be onoly cfair..