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Thread: Isacks syndrome or Neuromytonia

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    Default Isacks syndrome or Neuromytonia

    Hi, Is there anybody that has this ailment also ? I wouldn't mind communicating about ; length of illness [ time], symptoms, medications, prognosis etc. If you look up my profile ,I can be reached to talk/ MSN Messinger, if Im online, cheers

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    welcome. sorry I do not know of anyone who has this. I hope you will join us in Emotional support forum here. there are lots of folks who have differ kinds of health problems and all are good to listen, vent whatever. not any good at giving links so hope you will hunt emotional support up and post.

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    Neuromytonia is also known as Issac's syndrome. It is a form of peripheral nerve hyperexcitibility that causes spontaneous muscular activity resulting from repetitive motor unit action potentials of peripheral origin.

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