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Thread: Could This Be The MS hug?

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    About the time of moving 3 years ago I would have pain across my back (just below the shoulders) several times. I do have a bad back. The last time it included the chest area. Freaked out a bit. Took a couple aspirins. Went to the emergency at the clinic, given some pills. But getting into a doctor proved more difficult than I thought. DH's cousins who were nurses pulled a couple of strings and I got an appt with a cardiologist who worked in their hospital. That test that involves radiation (can't remember the name) indicated that the blood had difficulty going through the heart.

    I know that there is a blood test to check for enzymes. Both my mom and a cousin had it. But for some reason they apparently don't do it here. I wasn't given a blood test at the time of the episode. My DH was when he had his scare. I don't know the blood test needed.

    To date I'm not 100% sure I had HA or if it was coincidence.

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    good god, finally returned to brain talk to say thanks to all who shared knowledge re tecfidera (p.s. decided to return to avonex with its tried and true history)

    so i log on immediately and happen on this thread -- having just had an MS hug -- but also specific involvement in chest -- had major hug in and numbness of all arm -- went to urgent care dept. and wheeled over to ER -- it felt like a medieval laying on of stones to confirm witch determination -- pardon the denial and poor humor -- spent 3 days in ICU and given every possible cardiac exam -- my diagnosing doc didn't need me to finish story -- telling me that it was my first attack -- [emergeny staff apparently had not take Neurology 101] -- thus i learned about the MS "hug" -- thoracic lesions acting up --

    so i'm a bit less panicked at the moment -- but scared to get up -- yes, a bit shaken up and frightened --

    all this while dealing with serious vertigo bouts --

    other than this, i'm as fit as a fiddle --

    fiddlingly yours,
    agent 107

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    p.s. glad you're all well, sally!

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