When this reunion of players, coaches, managers, and cheerleaders was announced I was excited that this was finally going to be done. This inner city school really needs examples that kids from this area can be successful. The program was destroyed after I left and now the current coach is working to bring it back to respectability and bringing this team back would be a great example. I keep up with many of the kids from that team and really value the sacrifices and efforts they made to win the only team state championship at that school.

Unfortunately I needed to face reality and admit I couldn't make the 7 hour drive to get to the reunion. Even with my wife doing all the driving I don't have enough good days to county on be u and about the day of the reunion. It is a shame my body has gotten to the point that I can't do something I really would enjoy doing. We have talked often in the past about losing the ability to do things we could in the past and this is a vivid reminder for me.