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    Cool Flumarizine

    Hi everyone ---

    Has anyone gone on Flumarizine to prevent migraines?

    After 5 years of misdiagnosises, I now have a new diagnosis of multiple daily chronic migraines which fits my symptoms. My neurologist at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital is having me try several different medications to prevent these daily attacks, most of which have adversely affected my IBS and are just not well tolerated.

    She recently recommended Flumarizine, which has not been FDA approved in the USA, so we will have to purchase it from Canada.

    Of course, after 5 years of trying every rx under the sun, I am reluctant to start on one which has no FDA approval.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

    Best wishes to all -

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    Hello Marianne, I haven't used Flumarizine myself but I suffer from Hemiplegic Migraine and I know a couple of other people with HM who use it with some success. Beanie

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