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Thread: South African orphanage 'too white' for donations

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    Default South African orphanage 'too white' for donations

    What I read from this fuzzy article is that the orphanage can only get donations from companies if they are 100% black, i.e. ‘the criteria for 100 percent black economic empowerment (BEE)” needs to be met. These children were left in the Jacaranda Children’s home BY THE COURTS after they were taken away from their parents. The massive impoverishment of the Afrikaners under the Broad-Based-Black-Economic-Empowerment Act, Amended in January 2013, can be seen by the hundreds of new sites identified with destitute whites by the FarmitrackerAid mapping project of the past three years. The ANC-regime is making VERY SURE that none of the Afrikaners will be able to survive – even their children are denied financial support when they are sent to orphanages BY THE COURTS. How much more proof is needed that a deliberate genocide has been launched by this regime with all these nazi-style laws barring Afrikaners from every segment of public life and increasingly pushing them into marginal sites where they are just left to slowly starve to death? – Johanna vanDokkum –
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