Hi, my name is Danielle, I have yet to be diagnosed with a CSF leak, but believe that I've had one for the past 15 years. I intermittently have clear, salty fluid which drains from my nose when I put my head down. I also have pressure in my head when I do the same. Since I have scoliosis (and have had surgeries for it in the past) I have always attributed my neck/headache/backache symptoms to the scoliosis and never really pursued getting the diagnosis of csf leak, although I have always half-heartingly joked about it and known it to be true. I now have three kids and as such am not as willing to develop meningitis or have any frontal lobe issues, so I am looking for a provider to see here in NYC. I was referred by the ENT that I saw yesterday to Mt. Sinai but the provider there does not take my insurance. I made an appointment with Dr. Schaefer at the New York Head and Neck Institute through NSLIJ. Does anyone have any experience with them? Or does anyone have any recommendations as to other providers? Thank you in advance.