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Thread: low platlets need info

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    Unhappy low platlets need info

    Just when things are starting to settle down, we get a call from the doc. wanting us to go straight to the emergency room due to very low platlet counts. She wants to do the whole CBC panel again and a c/t scan on both of us. this was a week or two ago. Due to the fact that we live 20 miles away and the car is not in the best of shape, makes it a huge problem.
    I have a medical background and we are asymptomatic for low platelet count. No Petechie, no bleeding that won't clot, no bleeding from teeth or gums, no blood in stool or urine, I think an error was made as we have no more fatigue then we usually do. We are going to the ER Monday, Our doctor is a gem and maybe she is seeing something we are not. Anyway, that is only a small part of the drama that is going on that is why I have asked for prayers as S/O and I - well... I am praying for the best.
    Bless each and every one of you I regard this board as my home and work on giving all the people here and the people behind the scenes (thanks Mike) who have probably cut me more slack then I deserve so thank you. If anyone thinks I could be about to drop, Please post as we are worried, and this with the chaos is not good.
    Blessings that find everyone as well as they can be
    Sorry I don't have much to contribute right now - kind of a full plate here

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    Alex, I hope this latest problem turns out not to be much of an issue based on the lack of symptoms. Hang in there and know I will continue to pray for the two of you.
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