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Thread: Surgery scares and lack thereof?

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    Question Surgery scares and lack thereof?

    I was writing about my experiences with surgery for a project and remembered something that I find very puzzling. I had tendon lengthening/stretching on both my achilles tendons to treat severe tension caused by my Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy. I also had my adductors (or was it abductors? I forget) stretched on both sides. Where my adductors were done on the sides of my legs I have very obvious scars. They look like white lines with white dots next to them where each stitch was put into my skin. But my feet have no scars whatsoever despite the achilles tendon lengthening. I was thinking "what the hell?!" Do scares from achilles tendon surgery like that simply disappear? I was 3 when I had the achilles tendon done. Am I simply not seeing the scars because I was too young to remember where they were? Why are my other scares so obvious in comparison? Why did my other scars never really fade?

    Any thoughts?
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    Not sure if this is why but it's a theory of mine

    The skin on your feet can be up to 20 times thicker than anywhere else. With the surgeries on the tendon being done at such a young age, it's quite possible that you simply outgrew the scars. I can't speak about surgical scars since i don't have any, but most of my minor scars from falls and whatnot have since disappeared.
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