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Thread: I did it!!!!!

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    Such great reports Nat! So glad you'll be able to go home. Hope the flight goes smoothly and there is not too much pressure. I am following your recovery closely as I'm thinking of having clipping down on my other annie over the winter (God willing!). I hadn't heard about jaw pain, so that's new.

    I know none of us really have to tell you to take it easy and rest, but..well...take it easy and rest! LOL Prayers have been answered.

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    Home Home Home..................Home!!!

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh your very own bed to rest and recover in Mz Nat! :) Nothing like being home even though I am sure your family smothered you with love and care.

    I am hoping your trip was uneventful and that it didn't tire you out - although I quite imagine it did. Rest and more rest is what's needed EVEN if you do get bored!
    Boredom is good! Means you are resting. So if you arn't bored you are NOT resting! I can just see you itchin to get back to things!

    Rest Nat - drink lots - elevate your bed - make a nest like we all do or have done and just zone with small walkabouts. Yes I am bossy!

    Congrats on passing all your courses with flying colours too! I know how hard you applied yourself. Congrats!

    Keep us updated on how you are doing Nat - we all care and so many who have yet to have a procedure will learn so much from your observations.

    A big but gentle hug from me!
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