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Thread: Plain English Guide to Colloid Cysts

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    Post Plain English Guide to Colloid Cysts

    Several years ago I said I wanted to write a book about how to deal with Colloid Cysts.

    Part of the reason why I havent done so, is due to new medical issues in my family that I have to deal with. And part of the reason is because I figured that there was not enough material to fiil an entire book. But I recently discovered that booklets are just as acceptable and so much shorter to write, so I am writing a booklet. It will probably be an e-booklet for now, but I assure you, it is being written.

    I wanted to ask you guys for all the questions about colloid cysts, and operations that you want me to answer in this booklet. So please send them to me at this email address.

    cesca_nz at yahoo dot com.

    As the title of this post says - this booklet will be called - The Plain English Guide to Colloid Cysts - with as few medical terms as possible.

    when its done, I will let you know.

    Thank you .


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    Im just a new guy with questions. Just learned of my Colloid Cyst 4 days ago after some headaches. I would look forward to reading this.

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