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Thread: This Site is Amazing!

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    Thumbs up This Site is Amazing!

    This is the first chance I've had to visit since the changes and I am sincerely impressed. The layout and presentation of the display are very easy to read and very easy on the eyes. I notice there are some new features added which I will have to get used to and play with, but I like it! I realize this site will only get better as the transition moves forward and that is very exciting in itself. No major upgrade or change over goes as smoothly and we want, thus patience, tolerance and taking things one step at a time are the mantra of this type of technical work.

    You guys have done a wonderful job and continue to do so. As a member here, I sincerely appreciate the amount of work and time invested anticipating continued improvements and features to play with.

    Thank you all.
    NeuroNixed Craig
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    I agree that this site is amazing.

    Though I feel it is the members that make it so.

    The upgrades and improvements simply are to keep up with advancing technology, give our members more features, and to keep out the "baddies" that would make this site lose functionality, and a less happy place.

    Your thanks are well taken.
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    Thanks for the feedback :)

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