Have you ever downloaded and installed an app that you really like, but along with that app came one or more crap apps? Apps that don't have anything to do with the one you wanted and you'd really like to get rid of. Most of the time the apps are free, and the crap apps are how they make money. Below is an article that will explain ways to safely remove the crap apps while keeping the good ones installed

By Lincoln Spector on June 13, 2013 in Top Story
Free apps are great, but they often come with an unexpected cost — unwanted additional apps.
Depending on how you handle them, unwanted programs can be a minor annoyance — or a daunting problem. The trick is paying attention.

Eventually, you install the intended software and heave a sigh of relief. But just as you’re getting back to work, one or more unwanted apps mysteriously appear on your system — those really annoying browser toolbars, for example. You then waste more time removing the unwanted software — and wonder whether that free program was worth the effort.
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