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Thread: Infundibulum- Can it turn into an aneurysm?

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    Question Infundibulum- Can it turn into an aneurysm?

    Hello everyone!
    I'm new to this site, but was looking for a few answers (or questions) from people who have maybe gone through the same situation.
    I am a 31 year old female, and in February had a MRA done (because of a migraine) and they found an infundibulum at the junction of my Posterior Communicating Artery and Internal Carotid Artery. I met with a neurologist, who seemed to think like it wasn't much to worry about, but because of my age wanted me to have a follow up scan in 6 months, to make sure it hadn't changed.

    I was given the MRA because my birth mother died at age 29 from a brain aneurysm, and the doctor wanted to make sure there wasn't something there. And partially my anxiety as well, I had just lost my step-mom to a brain aneurysm 5 months earlier.

    So I guess my questions are:
    Has anyone else had this show on their scans? If so what have you been told about it.
    What questions should I be asking my doctor that I haven't?
    Has anyone had an Infundibulum turn into an aneurysm?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello pudgiebunny ,
    I don't know about if they can change but since your mother passed due to an aneurysm , I think the Dr. Is wise to keep an eye on you.Some doctors think that aneurysm tendencies can run in families. They do in mine. I am sure you will have others offer you what they know and have experienced.We aren't doctor's , but we do offer support and a place to come to vent or question , I hope you get lots of replies :)
    welcome to BrainTalk. , GING

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    Hello pudgiebunny, I'm Mickfin I already had two aneurysms repaired one clipped the other one coiled. They seen a 2mm. Infundibulum on my angiogram and they just said to watch it.

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