I just joined this site so please excuse me if I don't know what I'm doing... Enlarged ventricles (twice the size they should be) noted at an MRI scan taken due to exertional headaches at 38 years old (10 years ago) which put me in bed for 3 months... No hydro symptoms before and none in the last 10 years... My neurosurgeon and neurologist said at the time of the exertional headaches that the size of my ventricles was normal for me and to forget about it... MRI'd my brain regularly for 12 months at the time and no change in size of ventricles... Happily getting on with life (perhaps in ignorant bliss)... This week however my 4th child Louis now 1 year old was noted to have a head growth at the 97 percentile which for the first 3 months of his life was at the 25th percentile. Height and weigh are both tracking at the 50th percentile. Off to see a paediatrician so wanted to know what I should be asking.... Are there hereditary factors to hydro?... Should I go back and see my neurosurgeon and/or neurologist?... I'm hoping someone can help me... Thanks Shayno