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    I don't remember if I asked this before.

    Can you use up your medicare? John said his dad did' when he was in the hosp. & moved to another room, from ICU. I keep sugesting one of those homes for disabled (you know, like an apt for people with some sorta disability. Where they CAN relate to others or stay in their apt.). But John says "Who would pay for it"? BTW: he falls alot & last time he went to the Dr. the Dr. said he should move his bed & a potty into his dinningroom (he has a 2 floor house). It's hard for him to get around & get to bed or bathroom & he uses a wheelchair. He doesn't want to do what the Dr suggested.
    I don't think his 3 kids want to tell their own dad he should do something. John wouldn't take away his keys or disable his car so it won't go & said "he would just go try to fix it".

    I want to go to the "German/American festival" but John has to go fix a pipe. (I imagine one of those apt. places would, if he lived there.) :ambivalence:
    Lorraine (lor)

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    Lor, how about the VA home? If someone runs out of money when they are in an assited living then I think the state picks up the bill. That's what happened when my dad went into a nursing home.
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