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    Default Dreams

    I wrote a post over 2 years ago now on the subject of dreams.

    I wouldn,t expect anyone to remember it but here is the link for those interested,
    it was on the subject of dreaming post op colloid cyst.

    Well today I had my usual afternoon nap and definitely had a dream which i remembered just after waking,this is significant as it will be the 1st time it's happened in 5 1/2 years.

    [ For those interested one was about enrolling in fortune telling classes and the other was about doing stunts on a bmx style bicycle.] - I've never done either in real life,so they are dreams as opposed to memories.

    I don't know the significance of this or if it is the beginning of a new phase in the recovery process.

    so i figure it means either....

    A. That I have started to dream again
    B. that I have always dreamed but now possibly started to remember some dreams on waking

    If nothing else,that I have retained the mechanisms to dream.

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    Colloid cyst removed from 3rd ventricle endoscopically oct 07 shunt inserted late oct 07.

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    Hi Bill,

    I notice I dream occasionally. It is not consistent. Nor is it consistent if I will actually remember the dream itself. Sometimes I remember pieces, othertimes, I remember the feeling that I had a dream.
    Strange, I know, but most of my journey has been strange, and I expect nothing but strange in my dreams! Thanks for putting out thought provoking posts.

    Take Good Care, Dodi
    Colloid cyst of the third ventricle surgically removed via crainiotomy November 2000. One month in-patient Speech and Occupational Therapies, nine months out-patient therapies. Doing very well today, headaches are gone!!!!!

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    Default Dreams...

    Hi all,

    I've noticed that if I repeat in my head upon sleeping that "I remember my dreams easily" I will remember them more often than if I repeat in my head that "I will remember my dreams upon awakening". That is if I tell myself that I have the power "presently" rather than at "some point in the future", I tend to get better results. It's still not at the level of pre-surgery but, at least, it's better than nothing. I think that we still do dream; we just are not as likely to remember those dreams.

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