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    My wife has seen a handful of dr. over the past six yr. regarding an open sore on her right leg. It started on her left leg yrs. ago, spread to her breast and back, then suddenly disappeared. Appeared a few yrs. ago on her right leg, but not only has it not disappeared, but it has grown to almost covering her entire calf. None of the dr. she has seen agree with the cause of the sore, only that they all agree it is not associated with her diabetes. We have suggested a consult with infectious disease (at least to rule it out). A pain management specialist agreed with this idea. However, these other dr. were all in total agreement - absolutely NOT. No reason why, they just said that was not the reason for this. One dr. actually has the audacity of saying "stop with this nonsense or I'll drop you as a patient". He is no longer her dr. Now it has come to the point that not only have her dr. not want to look for the reason for this sore, but they are not really doing anything to help get rid of it. I am asking (from WI) for some advise for reputable dr. in other states if necessary that might help out.

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    Try to find a tissue therapist or wound specialist... probably associated with a hospital
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    Sorry to hear about how her doctors are treating the two of you. I hope Steve's idea helps you find a doctor that can find a reason for the sore and a solution for it.
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    Exclamation Spider bite?

    I too, would see a wound specialist. I will keep you in my prayers.
    PS - Any chance this could be something like a spider bite? A brown recluse can cause this type of wound, I have seen several and it sounds like you MIGHT be dealing with something similar. Best of luck.
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    Spider bite was ruled out. Thanks for replying.

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    Yes I too would see a wound therapist. It makes no sense that they would act that way, but anymore you never know.
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