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    Does anyone here experience less then 2 flares a year?

    The last one i had was in April. If the past is predicting I'm due very soon for another. Since I left work and have been able to rest they went from every 2 months to 4. if i get past Sept. then it'll be the first time I get past 5 months.

    Just wondering what the average is for the people on this chat site

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    I'm almost afraid to jinx myself but I have only had a few in the last 5 years. The last one was pretty bad, but it was almost certainly brought on by unusual stress.

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    I hate to say this (kind of - it's great for me, but I don't want to brag - or jinx myself) but aside from ongoing problems with fatigue, sight, hug, and some mobility issues, I haven't had a major relapse in years. Thank goodness for Beta and Ty - although they have caused side effect issues, they have put the brakes on my MS.

    Like Vicky, my main relapses and symptoms have been stress related.


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    " no convincing relapses" said the neurologist .. thats 3 yrs this sept.
    I put it down to the IFN beta therapy and an adjusted lifestyle.

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