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Thread: Depression

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    Dawn depression is a very important illness to talk about. I have been on meds for 15 yrs now.I was told I will need them the rest of my life,that is OK for me because without them, I don't really no where I would be in life.I have had my meds changed alot threw out the years,but I usually go back to the one I started on.

    Depression for me has been very hard,I never really new that it was a medical condition,like people need to take insulin daily,we need to take our medication also.

    Some days I have to take baby steps and write something down that might make me feel better,and make myself do it.
    1. I will repeat (BE POSITIVE) over and over again or type it or write it.
    2. Somedays I will just make myself put lotion on my hands and legs.(I no don't laugh) depression is hard.

    Hope you feel better soon, Susie

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    a late birthday wiah for you Marion and a welcome to Susie, hope you stay with us. not much happening here right now but for sure I can say, everybody's weATHER is messed up so I'll not wish for a change cause it might be worse than what I have already, lol.

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