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Thread: east coast quake

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    Buttons that is worse allright, there was an aftershock at 1 am I slept thru it but my oldest daughter says it woke her up and the house was shaking, hopefully we will not get another one. And i agree Irene is more than enought to worry about.

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    Julia comes to my mind. I know she said she lives about 4 hours from the coast??? am I right on this, but I am wondering just how many relatives she may have that may be closer. Well I am just like a lot of us, have anyone in mind that misses a lot now and this sure seems like something to think about. I am so afraid of bad weather myself. Mighty powerful stuff huh.

    I often think of you Buttons as I think you are close to a coast in my mind.

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    Default Afterschocks

    Yep, the one AM aftershock was 4.5, woke us the heck up, huge noise, shaking. Ugh. USGS says we might be getting them for months, not the original "days" predicted on Tuesday.

    Irony: planned "suburb" Lake Monticello's listed on Dave's post, but not Charlottesville! (Closest to me. About 30 miles from the epicenter.) Interesting to note, the old houses of Thomas Jefferson, J. Madison, J. Monroe were not damaged---nor were any buildings at Univer. Virginia. Props to the old-style craftsmanship, a lot of the buildings pre-Civil War era survived better than 20th century ones did.

    Culpepper and Louisa counties both have state sof emergency. Schools are damaged, houses detached from foundations, etc., it's pretty intense. Of course, the news only cares about DC and NYC, so us rural folk are on our own, as usual!

    Just so glad no one's seriously hurt or kliled!

    Meanwhile, I'm far enough inland not to sweat Hurricane Irene, but we're still sweating rockslides b/c what with the rain and the quakes, well, let's just say a hunk of mountain falling down is not entirely out of the question.
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    I'm also thinking of Jo. hopefully she & Ken will move in with some relatives further West. yes I do live near the coast,however earthquakes can hit any part of this state.

    now Bella,I'm thinking you & your family might be leaving the area? and even though Phyllis hasn't been here since the new BT I also think of her further up the coast.

    Leo,glad to hear you are inland & hopefully safe!

    wonder if the news is all hype? thinking better to be safe than sorry! will be an interesting weekend at any rate. certainly no help to the economy.

    may everyone in the path of Irene be safe.

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