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    Some of you know that I am a Docent at our Seneca Park Zoo, here in Rochester, NY. This is a volunteer position, but one that I had to be accepted into to qualify for taking the intensive training program. I've been doing it going on 6 years.

    Recently I applied forand was accepted into the Animal Handling Class. I just finished the tier 1 program, and got qualified in that. (these are the easiest animals to manage). Once you've worked this tier for a while,get competent and comfortable, you move on to the other tiers..the animals that are more difficult to manage.

    The Animal Handlers participate in doing presentations at schools,senior centers, nursing homes, festivals,both on zoo site or off.

    Today was my very first time to go out in the Zoomobile (our van) to go to a nursing home to do our presentation. Tim, the coordinator, did the talking, I held the animals and walked around the room with them, showing them to the clients.

    All in all, it went pretty well, and I enjoyed it. I need to do a lot more before I get competent.

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    fig how wonderful. You have my dream job. Sounds like you are doing wonderfully at it too. I sure bet people appreciate that zoo mobile. Especially those who can't get out.

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    oh yay way to go. great for animals and just the ticket for a person such as yourself, loves all animals and birds etc. you'll keep climbing up the scale i am predicting. keep us informed as to what you do ,.....please. more more, lol i can't do anything much but sure love hearing about things that you are getting to do. i am reminding myself to look up a blue tang. we recently went to a zoo i rode on a fancy wheelchair with big heels. had to dodge double wide strollers, wagons being pulled and i fit right in. could not get up as close as i liked to see the birds and such but was fortunate to have hubby rent one for me.

    we watced a panda eat his food stripping the outer stuff off and all. everything was so neat to really watch.

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