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Thread: 2 days of severe pain

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    Default 2 days of severe pain

    pain meds are not touching my pain levels the last two days,I don't know what gives?, it's mainly coming from my neck and causing alot of headaches, nothing is helping, ice, heat, nothing is helping, I'm at my wits end. Just hate it when I have days like this.

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    Karenica If i were you, I would see an urgent care Dr. or your family/PM doc IMMEDIATELY. I am not a doc so please see one.
    You are in my prayers

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    Karenica, so sorry for your pain. I agree with Alex; if the pain is unusually severe, you should see a doctor.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Best Wishes,

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    Karen, I haven't hear from you for a while but I am sorry it is for severe pain. I hate it too when the pain shoots up without any reason and nothing seems to take care of it. Mine comes from cervical issues too along with thoracic but I have a masseuse that does a great job which helps break my pain flare. I don't know if you have access to a massage but it could help relax all those muscles for a while and give the medication a chance to work. Do you have a muscle relaxer to use as I find that helps a lot with my cervical spine problems. I hope you get to getting your pain under control again soon.
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