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Thread: Can I get SSD

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    Default Can I get SSD

    I have had epilepsy since age 12. I have a feeling my dad never even looked into getting SSD for me(I imagine as far as he is concerned, everything was/is just fine. My E isn't REAL bad). My husband & I looked into getting it once but if I remember corectly, I can't get anything because he 'makes too much money'. Does the fact that since we looked into it, I had a bad sz., my heart stopped & I was in the hosp for a month then rehab. for two months, mean anything?
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    As far as I know they do check household income when making a decision. You may still qualify for like medical coverage and maybe a small monthly amount. I would sit and talk with a lawyer that handles SSD, they are usually free for a consultation. Maybe he can give you a better idea of how things work.

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    I believe the requirement for getting SSD is always whether the condition is bad enough that you will not be able to perform work for at least 12 months.

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