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Thread: Maxillary pain caused by CSF Leak ?

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    Default Maxillary pain caused by CSF Leak ?

    I have had sinus pain and teeth pain on the right side of my face and wondered if others have had this with a CSF leak. My leak has been around for 5 yrs and is approximally located in the T1 area. I have had teeth pain ( went to dentist and nothing wrong ) on and off for 2 months. Thought it was a sinus infection in early December and was put on an antibiotic for 10 rid of some of the pain but did not completely go bothering me again and Dr put me on another wide spectrum antibiotic and after 1 weeks still have not found relief. I am wondering if this maxillary discomfort is due to the CSF leak and not a sinus infection........any ideas ??????

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    Look up CSF rhinorrhea and CSF otorrhea...these can cause fluid to seep from the sinus or ear and causes nerves pain down the face and in teeth such as I had when my leak first started. My ear pain and side face pain has increased significantly so my neuro has just added imaging of my ears to check if the breach is from ear canal to dura.
    You may want to ask about CT Myelogram and intro of radio isotope to track the leak during imaging. I have been waiting agonizingly, in Canada, for the test but will have this done at the end of October

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