I've been having weird neurological symptoms for about 6 weeks now, which my neurologist thinks might be from a CSF leak. But it's not a typical presentation, and I wanted to see if other people had similar symptoms.

Basically, when I'm on my feet, I get alternating feelings of pressure in my head or light-headedness. These feelings are relieved when I'm lying down, and they seem to get worse the longer that I stand up. My pulse and blood pressure seem to be totally normal and aren't much changed by standing up, so the doctor doesn't think its POTS. Because my symptoms have the classical CSF presentation of being relieved by lying down, I'm getting brain and spine MRI's next week to look for a CSF leak. But... reading the information on CSF leaks, I seem to be quite lucky in that I wouldn't call what I have a headache. My head is uncomfortable/distracting when I'm upright, but not in a painful way. Everything I read about CSF leaks says "orthostatic headache." Does anyone have any experience with CSF leaks that don't come with headaches? Or any ideas for alternate diagnoses? Thanks in advance!