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Thread: New but not new hehe

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    Default New but not new hehe

    I'm new but not new so be nice..

    I've been a member since like 2009 but haven't been posting at all.

    My names Kristina as my names states..

    I'm married now..

    Got married last year! November 18, 2012!

    His name is Jordan and he is in the Army! He went to Iraq in 2011.

    Well if you like to know more about me just ask, I'm an open book!

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    well it was about time you wandered your way back here girl! Nice to have you REALLY with us LOL. Look around the forums and see if there is some more that might interest you.

    I am so proud of all the service men. My nephew who has a birthday tomorrow and I have yet to say Happy Birthday too is in the army as well. I lost count of the tours over there and am glad to say he is back stateside and down in S. Carolina I think. somewhere other than here... bless all the men and women that serve.

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