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Thread: Can I have a name change?

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    Default Can I have a name change?

    I was wonder if I can change my name to Army Wife? Please

    I just got married to an Army man.

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    Welcome to BT, Sister Kristina!

    The Terms of Service (TOS) state:

    How can I change my user profile? How about changing my Username? What if I want to "un-register?"
    You may easily change a great deal of your info stored in your User Control Panel.
    You CANNOT change your username. Allowing people to randomly change their username would lead to problems with trust and responsibility. In BrainTalk, who you are is essentially your unchangable USERNAME and WHAT YOU POST.

    If you REALLY want to change your username, simply register a NEW account with a NEW email address. You cannot use the same email address as your previous MUST register with a new one.

    As for "un-registering," there really is no such thing. If you do not want to use this service any more, simply do not log on anymore. When I delete user accounts, it only deletes the user does NOT delete all the POSTS made by the user. A deleted user will NEVER be able to edit their old posts or profile. I will NEVER divulge your email address to anyone, and if you ever decide to COME BACK to the forums, you will still be able to login with your old username.
    All you have to do is register again with the name you want to use now, but remember to use a different email address when you register. You have 3 posts as "Sister Kristina" and these posts will remain. When you post with your new name, your post count will restart with 1.

    I have to tell you that the name "ArmyWife" is already taken, so you will have to find some variation of that name.
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