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Thread: Weird brain/speech problems

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    Default Weird brain/speech problems

    I have symptoms that my doc cannot seem to figure out.

    I have a terrible amount of brain fog, slurred speech and cannot pronounce words that I know. The longer the word the harder it is for me to pronounce. The slurred speech and pronunciation seem to come and go. When I am in a social setting is when it tends to set in.

    It isn't anxiety because I have no fight or flight, no rapid heart beat, etc.

    When I drink alcohol, the symptoms become a 100x's worse. 1 beer and my speech is completely slurred and terrible. It is like my brain doesn't work fast enough to make my mouth work.

    Words that begin in vowels are the hardest for me to say and when the symptoms are acting up, I cannot even read, because my brain won't allow me to pronounce the word in my head.

    I have taken SSRI's in the past for this and they completely help, however my body started having major side effects and I can no longer take them. I have tried to take other drugs that help with depression, but they don't help. Most of my depression stems from my speech. It is effecting my career big time. I cannot find a job and have recently lost my health insurance.

    Does anybody have any ideas what this could be.

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    is your doc a neurologist? if not I suggest you find one.good luck!

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    I agree with Buttons -- you need a neuro AND you should have a MRI done asap

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    Are you having any other symptoms? Dizziness? Difficulty writing?

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    Maybe you are having mini strokes or something like that. Or seizures.
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