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    Default a long break

    it eems like it has been such a long time since i was here but a lot has been going on. my brother had that extra spot on his kidneys that turned out to be just a hugh infection but it happened at a time that canceled his surgery. so he still has his cancer surgery to do. but i am not as owrried as i was thinking it was also in his kidneys, bladder etc.

    and while worrying over my brother, hubbys' died. He was older than hubby and had a lot of problems so it was not altopgether unexpected, just happened before Christmas.

    Have i mentioned that everyone on hubbys side holds theior breath when dece,\mber rolls around? well it is because that there have been at least 4 deaths that happen beginning about dec 20 on. so no wonder.

    oh it is good to be back and see hiw everyone is doing. hubby has to keep on his toes this month because there are so many birthdays this month. just when you are broke from all the Christmas doings, birthdays roll around for the ladies, LOL LOL.

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    i'm glad your brother's spot turned out to be an infection and not further progression of the disease! it is a relief and maybe an easier battle to fight.

    a lot of older people die in december from thing's like pneumoia and flu because their underlying illnesses weaken their immune system. there are a lot of flu death's happening this year and later than usual, seem's like it's going to be a longer and deadlier flu season, but there is still time to get flu shot's!

    nice to see you back, joy. my son has a birthday in january, but it's after the middle of the month so he can't be forgotten. enjoy all your birthday's! cake and ice cream sound too good .

    , jeannie
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    My prayers are with you and your family. I know it's hard to go through this since I went through the same problem with my aunt and my Dad who had a triple by pass done.
    It's great to see you back and I wish you and your family only the best. May God Bless All of You!


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    Daily Joy, I have missed you. I was afraid you we're worse! I fret over everybody just as you do. lol

    Today is my Beth's birthday. Kens is the 29th. My beloved Mothers was the 24th. My beloved sis Lady Carolines was the 22th and so it go's on & on.

    Joy, I am confused, as usual. Who did you say died ? I am trying to use the kindle, but it is going slow. I can lay it on the bed and let it read it to me . It has a library and I can check out the books. If you are still having to rest often you may want to take a look at one.

    Take care dear, Jo
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    Oy, birthdays! My sister's is on January 17th. She will be did we ever get here? I truly love mybig sister..she has always been my champion. I wish we didn't live so far away from each other.

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    hubbys dad died dec 20 years ago, followed by his sisters' 16 year old who was a twin. now that was the kicker there, such a young girl and she had long q-t and they did not know. but hubbys brother had a stroke when he went for heart problems they were trying to fix, had the stroke right there on the table and that was years ago. he survived quite a long time after that stroke tho, glad to say.

    i don't t6hink any of the turners will rest easy in december any more. and for it to always be the week before or days before christmas. ah that is life.

    well granddaughters beautiful white german shepard died also and they replaced her with such a cute english mastiff. wow that puppy has almost tripled her size since they got her, LOL. sure is fun to have a puppy around. but she loves biting and she has t learn to stop that around me for sure. she will be way to big to mess around with for me before long. but I am enjoying her being small whil I can.

    yup there is a lot of crud going around, granddaughter got sick last night and was miserable.

    now birthdays in january, hubbys' mothers was january 9 and so is our daughters, granddaughters is january 15 and mine is the last day of january. hubby does not stand a chance of getting back any money in bank for all the birthdays. i remember when dauaghter was small, we had to buy her birthday stuff when we were buying christmas gifts. if we didn't, there was slim pickings to chose from after christmas. i hope everyone is doing okay and pati, don't waste any time on seeing about your head if you hurt it. i know too many stories of head injuries that even tho people finally wen t to hospital or doctor, it was too late if they bled too much. you take care now okay, please!!!!

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    Joy,trying to catch up here! sorry about your BIL. and GD's doggie! now you've got a HUGE slobbery mastiff? I agree the biting has got to stop.

    been giving more thought to seeing my doc. just don't want to spend the money I've been saving for my eye surgery! losing my eyesight is the number one thing that bothers me right now. my head is healing on it's own I figure. getting less bothersome which is a good sign right? already had the ringing in my ear & so many other issues to deal with. I'm sorry I even mentioned the last fall. I promise if I fall again & hit my noggin I will call my doc-OK?

    having my son here is helping my depression. love having him cook dinner for me! he's been keeping busy cleaning the entire upstairs. holding firm on NO to his cat. so far everything is going better than I expected.

    we are having days of cold but sunshine all day!

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