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Thread: How to get cpap supplies

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    Default How to get cpap supplies

    I have had a cpap for three years and have an awful time trying to get new masks for it. My supplies are covered 100% by insurance but getting them from my two local suppliers has been a big problem. At present I am months behind waiting for my last prescription to be filled for a new mask. The company I am using claims they have to wait until a certain amount of the brand I use has to be met before they can make an order. I would swith brands but I have fount this mask is one of the very few that comes near to not leaking. I've been promised a new type with a mouth piece will be ordered for me but here it is 3 months later and no mask.

    Does anyone out there know of an online service that is dependable?

    Thank you
    JB of LA (lower Alabama) 2004 ACDF C-5-6-7 DDD in Tspine Lumbar all messed up. Injuries too numerous to mention. Been told I must have a purpose in this life after surviving injuries that should have got me. Just never have figured out what it is.

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    I order online but usually have no problems - however its for a special mask that I just love love love!

    I have 2 other kinds of masks but get them directly thru the original supplier - thru my insurance.

    This one I pay for myself because I just HAD to try it is

    It really is great - if you can handle a mouth guard.

    Not sure if I have been of any help - but I shop online (way too much) and have never had problems.:o

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    i am so glad i noticed this. i am going for another sleep test this month. my thrid. first one they said yes, you need c-pap, second no. my husband and i both have the machines but i am almost betting that neigher will be the one they recommend should i need one this time. this looks so much bettter than a full face mask. and since i sometimes try to push my teeth out with my tongue anyway, the mouth piece might just be the thing i need. now just hope i don't need it and second, if i do, i can remember it. i already am sleeping with oxygen and that is costing plenty so just wondering how the two will work together.

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    Joy ~ you could contact and ask them re using your Oxygen AND the no mask - they have a help line.

    I had my dentist make me a night guard that fits the lower molars instead of the top, since I also like to grind and sharpen my fangs at night - and for me that's how I get all this cpap crap in my mouth!

    I also have the full face mask - since my darn mouth drops open at night - kinda wrecking the whole idea of CPAP anyhow.......... :ambivalence: but I don't like that full mask and none of my pj's co-ordinate either!!!

    I have the much nicer nostril only mask and it's much better except I squoooosh my face into the pillow somehow at night and wake up with mask face like I have been snorkling instead of sleeping :(

    The older one gets the longer those mask lines show on your face and when it's snowing out I can't tell folks - Ohhhhhhhhhh I have been snorlking - they don't believe me !!!???

    So the NOMASK is kinda wonderful - but like any other mask - you have to get used to it. Makes you feel like a big tough hockey player or something with the mouth guard but ohhhhhhhh so nice to not have

    "mask face" the next day.

    If you are even in doubt about having sleep apnea - wear ANY mask versus not wearing one. I am borderline sleep apnea but even with border line they WARNED me big time - to not even nap without the mask on!!!

    Your heart gets enlarged over time with untreated sleep apnea and that is NOT a good thing. WEAR your mask even if you don't think you have sleep apnea right now - or until you get confirmed one way or another.

    I detest the overnight sleep tests too because not only do I feel and look like Hannibal Lector - I tangle up in all the thousands of cords and hahaha yes lets go to sleep so they can test me. Right...........

    However even I have to admit the staff is awesome - make me laugh and even smile when they kick me out (with no coffee) at 5am or 6am and they even mapped the nearest Starbucks for me!!!
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    their is a site that has many different brands of masks and machines and stuff. Not sure how it would work with your insurance, but it would be worth checking out. I was told i have sleep apnea and was given a machine....could never find a mask i could use because the right side of my face is flatter than the left so they always leak, no matter what. Even the nasal cushions and nasal pillows dont work. I finally just quit using it, i wasn't seeing much of a difference with it anyway.....

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    i have told this elsewhere but willrepeat it here. i went to bed late, woke with a dry mouth and spilled cold water on myself at abut 4 amish. made sure i stayed awake so knew i was tired.

    told the guy now last time, just as i started to sleep, they came rushing in and checked something. husband told guy as well as i did that I do NOT move. so not to worry, husband also said her mother was the same way.

    well what happens, and this time there were like 28 stickies on me and two things in my nostrils. so no they did not give me ooxygen and it'd sure been hard to get it inside my nose if I'd needed it.

    I would bet, if i was a beting person, that the test i had done in june 07 is identical to the one the 17th. right down to guy rushing in to check something the very minute i drop off to sleep!!

    and for sure, they did not tell me much from last test. even said i did not need c-pap. i had one that another place had tested me years ago but had stopped using it. anyway i sure hope they share what they lerned with me this time.

    I also came home from sleeping from about 11 pm to a dream woke me up, pins were sticking in my tounge best I remember bcause i was reaching to pull them out. I have celluitis and hubby was tired from getting up early to cme get me. my feet and legs were already swollen so I decided to lie down and put legs up. So I slep all that day mostly as well. I am on new medicine but cotinue doing a lot of sleep. so something unusual is going on.

    I hate trying to tell doctors or any of their help in office anything. I simply read the paper that came with the medicine. it did say it might cause a rash. it was I that told the doctors helper that it was celluitis. I had it years ago so often and it looked the same. well no she said. I also told her it was redder even higher up. she said take the rest of medicine. i had told her when she talked to me that i had a difficult time with antibiotics, i am just under the squeek on staph crap. anyway it seems to irritate them if you have many questions.

    andoh yes, besides the two blood clots they failed to make sure i knew about, i have a sheet of paper on refrigerator say the plumologist will call to make an appointment for me. Heck i have been so out of it but guess what, doctors office have not called to even say they don't have report or anything.

    s that means that I will have o call them again and say now just WHO and where do I call to get that appointment your office could not take the time to assure i had for me? arrgh. I suspect the older i get the worse it will be. I have medicare and unitedhealthcare. pretty sure it is not medicade but i am still so out of it not sure of much except i am so tired of things since september 28. too much bedrest is waring me out and not getting better is making me find a temper for sure. geeze and i know i'm fortunate to have insurance at that. I'd hate to be like daughter and not. she gets zilch care!! alright now i have had another rant. sorry no replies really needed. I will report if I do need oxygen along with a cpcp. i am getting use to the oxygen and it is helping. but i get it only ast night.

    i am working very hard on trying to get enough water in me to help my kidneys. b ut it seems to make me so uncomfortable. i carry water and sip all day but at that don't make a big headway on it. at least I am beginning to understand with two blood clots and high blood pressure that it can be damaging to my kidneys. getting old is for the birds, aw i wish I had really had a time when i was younger, LOL. was hoping to liver it up after retirement.
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