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Thread: How I would like to change my body.

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    Default How I would like to change my body.

    Hi all:

    Just for the sake of curiosity, I would like the following changes to permanently occur to my body. The changes are:

    1. Complete relaxation of the iris dilator muscle
    2. Complete contraction of the iris sphincter muscle
    3. When a cardiac muscle is in a relaxed phase, it relaxes completely. When it "un-relaxes" it does so to an extent that signifies it is attempting -- successfully or not -- to meet the body's metabolic demands.
    4. Complete relaxation of hair muscles [opposite of what happens during goosebumps]
    5. Complete relaxation of the sweat glands that normally "un-relax" in response to excitation of the sympathetic nervous system. This makes most -- if not all -- of my skin dry.
    6. Complete relaxation of all type-2 muscle fibers. This prevents shivering but allows slow movement.
    7. Complete bronchodilation [this helps eliminate asthma]
    8. When peristalsis occurs it does so in such a manner that when the smooth muscles involved relax, they relax completely.
    9. Complete dilation of all lymphatic vessels [including lacteals] and blood vessels [including capillaries]
    10. Regardless of how intensely the heart is stimulated, it will not beat faster than 51 beats-per-minute.
    11. Complete relaxation of all smooth muscles not part of the digestive or respiratory organs. As a result, peristalsis does not become "paralyzed" even though non-digestive smooth muscles are totally relaxed. In addition, foreign bodies in the throat can continue to be removed by coughing them out, as nature intended.
    12. The smooth muscles of the digestive and respiratory system should be unable to perform tonic contractions but should be able to perform clonic contractions. This would allow peristalsis to occur but would prevent diverticulosis and further help prevent asthma.
    13. Complete relaxation of muscles involved solely in sneezing without affecting the muscles involved in coughing or nasal respiration.
    14. Inflammation does not result in swelling. This will help prevent the suffocation that would otherwise occur when exposed to potent allergens.
    15. Inflammation does not result in blood clotting. This will prevent disseminated intravascular coagulation from occurring in cases of gram-negative sepsis.
    16. Breathing rate does not exceed 15 breaths per minute in any condition
    17. When muscles involved in inhalation/exhalation are in their relaxed state, they relax completely. When they un-relax, they do so to an extent that signifies that the respiratory system is trying to keep up with the body’s metabolic demands.
    18. Intraocular pressure, intracranial pressure and other bodily “pressures” are as low as they can get without causing any medical emergency. Say goodbye to hypertension, hydrocephalus, glaucoma and other ailments caused by excess pressure.
    19. Muscles of any type need energy in order to un-relax and maintain an un-relaxed state. However, muscles do not need energy to relax or maintain their relaxed state. This means no rigor mortis. During and after expiration, all muscles of the body enter a state of permanent and complete relaxation.
    20. Any cell of the body does not need energy to enter or maintain a resting potential. In fact, if a cell is deprived of energy, it will automatically enter a resting state to protect itself from exhaustion. As a result, cerebral hypoxia will no longer result in seizures.
    21. When a smooth muscle involved in peristalsis enters its relaxation phase, it relaxes completely.
    22. Immune system generates coagulase-inhibitors to prevent pathogens [such as Staphylococcus aureus] from clotting the blood
    23. Immune system generates hemolysin-inhibitors to prevent pathogens [such as Listeria monocytogenes] from attacking red blood cells and hemoglobin molecules.

    #1 and #2 lead to complete constriction of pupils.

    Here is more info on muscle fiber types:

    My question for readers of this message are:

    1. Would any of you want to make the above changes your physiology if it were possible? Let's say you could take a magic pill that would make those 23 changes to your body. Would you take that pill?

    2. If those above 23 physiological changes were to take place, what would be a drawbacks?

    Thank you all for your inputs.
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