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    I have not been on here in quite a long time. Long story short, i had a 1cm cc removed in June 1999 and in Dec. 2005 with a routine MRI, it showed as growing back. My last MRI was in Feb of 2011 and was told i could wait 2 years as it had shown no growth @ 4-5 mm, and should be aysmptomatic. However, I cannot help but think if something is there that doesnot belong, that there could be symptoms regardless of size. I have been trying to be positive and not think about this, but of course it is always there with every headache i get. I have had what i refer to as "visual disturbances" that have been progessively become more frequent. They used to be every now and then, maybe once or twice a year; until recently they are about once every week or so. I feel this pressure, not painful like with my 1st cc symptoms, but a pressure of sorts and then my vision goes blurry and with these waves of a spectrum of color. Almost like rainbow v;s that more or less blind me. I can see, but not clearly. They are more annoying than anything else, but i also get kind of dizzy or a vertigo and an anxious feeling with them. It happened last night when i was trying to read, it happened about two weeks ago when I was in the grocery store; just at random times. Has this happened to anyone else?

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    Those symptoms sound very familiar to me when my cc was 1st diagnosed in 2007.

    I would get that checked out ASAP by a doctor,preferably a neurologist as they are the real experts.

    Try not to worry though until something is confirmed ( I know, easy to say)

    Colloid cyst removed from 3rd ventricle endoscopically oct 07 shunt inserted late oct 07.

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