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Thread: I had a colloid cyst removed in March of 2012

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    Default I had a colloid cyst removed in March of 2012

    Hello all, my name is David I had a 1cm colloid cyst In the 3rd ventricle removed 3/5/12 and now i am starting to have the headaches again, when i lay down i get the feeling that im falling or like a motion sickness type thing also having trouble with my ears popping and ringing all the time which i had with the original cyst I was wondering if anyone has had a cyst grow back in just 7 or 8 months or what kinda problem could be causing the headache/pressure I have an MRI scheduled but my NS office seemed like i might have been overreacting
    Would appreciate any feedback.
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    Hi David. My husband had a 1cm colloid cyst in the 3rd ventricle removed on 5th June 2012. He also had hydrocephalus which is no longer there. He occasionally gets an ache at the back of the left eye and the ache travels to the back of the head. He has had an ophthalmologist check his eyes, had an MRI three months after the operation because he was concerned the hydrocephalus was coming back. All is healing fine and we don't know the cause of the headache, which was present before the surgery. A couple of paracetamol/panadol and the headache goes away. I don't think you're overreacting. Have the MRI done to confirm that the ventricles are not swelling up with fluid again. At the time of the surgery we were advised that the hydrocephalus could return and if so, then a shunt would have to be inserted. We weren't given a timeframe for when the hydrocephalus could return. I hope all goes well.

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