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    Hi Everyone,
    bk-janae has had increased pain issues lately. She has pain daily. She now gets oxycodone 5mg twice a day. Lyrica 75mg twice a day and liquid Lortab for break thur pain.If she gets the Lortab at school she falls asleep for 1-3 periods of the day. I am suprised any learning happans at school.
    The other day she went bowling with her teacher and classmates. She dropped the bowling ball. The had was screaming with pain alternating with
    complaining of not feeling her hands and feet. She also has daily complains of burning along her entire spine. Her last surgery to try to correct
    her Syrnix was unsuccessful. Her Neurosurgeon at home was going to send us to Boston Childrens. The surgeon in Boston wanted a follow up 6
    months after surgery. Bk has an appt in late December at home We do not believe the last sugery worked and bk does not either. We will have to wait until the MRI is done in late December her home hospital to find out if the objective data matches the subjective data. Please keep us
    in your prayers

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    hello bk-janae. welcome. boy it sounds like that is more than enough for one person to have to endure. i imagine you all are ready for that next appointment to see what they can do to help her. i will keep you all in my prayers and in mind. i hope you will keep us up on how and what is happening. i look forward to your next post.

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    Ditto Joy. Bk-janae, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. How awful to be in such pain. :(
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    any changes in things for bkja ?

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