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Thread: Flying after coiling

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    Question Flying after coiling

    Hello to all you wonderful people,

    I had my aneurysm coiled a year ago with a few little strokes but no permeate damage that we know of , I did have an eye problem for about a month . I was wondering if any of you coiled Annie people have had any problems of the coils becoming packed because of flying?

    This will be my first flight since coiling and I am a bit nervous about it, but I must fly ! If any of you have addressed this with your neurosurgeons , I would love to hear their opinions. Thanks everyone, and I hope you all have a nice day , hugs to you all, GING

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    Hi Ging
    I had clippings- and I've flown heaps since. Not sure its any different for coiling. I did check with my neuro and he said no prob.
    My head does ache sometimes on take off and landings however I have always hated flying so I think that also contributes to the stress.
    Are you going somewhere exciting? Hope so. Glad things are finally sorted for you and going well.
    Trace x

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    Thanks Trace, I am going to see my daughter and grandchildren in Texas , it's about a four hour flight, two take offs and landings on each way, I had the head problems at those times as well before the coiling , but I had already had a stent put in when the artery was damaged and a clot formed and blocked the right internal artery, now I just worry about the packing of the coils or if the cabin pressure would cause that to happen. I guess it will be okay, I just want to get some input and not bother my Dr. with a question . He already said I could fly, but then this popped into my head after I read about people having to go back and have more coils put in. It is good to be clipped because it is less maintenance. My sister in law had a clip and her Neuro told her she was done , she doesn't have MRA's, angios or anything. I leave tomorrow AM, so we shall see. thanks again for your reply , Hugs from Florida Ging

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    So Ging,

    Do tell ~ how WAS your flying experience after coiling/stent?
    Did you feel any discomfort that wasn't normal?

    I fly all the time and don't even worry about it anymore - but the first couple flights - it was on my mind.
    Hope your trip was everythig you wanted it to be with family!

    Tropical Trish
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    Well, I flew , and flew and ....well a bit of a headache , but I had that before the coiling so I guess other than a good nose bleed It was not so bad. I had a wonderful time with my beautiful daughter and two Grandchildren, it was well worth the trip and all the plane changes. Now I Wait for my MRA in march and we shall see what the state of my noggin is.
    Thank you all for your input and most of all your support when I become a nervous nelly.I hope all the old members that are cruisers will pop in to say hello once in a while so we know they are doing well. I hope everyone has a great Holiday .
    Mine is Christmas, what ever you celebrate I hope you have a lovely one, filled with joy and much happiness..
    Many hugs to you all, GING

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