Hi All,

Not been here for a while. I had my traumatic leak repaired in May 2009. Mostly been ok since. Have always had high ICP and tinnitus but just got on with it.

Recently I've become sensitive to high pitched sounds. I saw my GP and he thought I might have hyperacusis so referred me back to the hospital where I had surgery. I've since been referred to an audiologist and have a brain scan tomorrow. The doctor I saw was concerned about the fact I'd had meningitis 4 times so wanted a scan. I'm told the hearing test might not be for a few months.

This was just 2 weeks back my hospital visit but just this past Friday I had a dreadful and somewhat similar reaction as I do to sound but this time vibrations. What happens when I have sound issues is a mix of almost stroke like symptoms, loss of muscle function in face, struggle to talk and walk, just have to go to bed or other times it's been a very emotional response where I'm just crying instantly and begging the sound, usually high pitched whistle like sounds to stop. This recent episode happened when I used a pendant motor which I use for work polishing silver charms. I've not used it for a while but not that long back I'd be on it over an hour a day. On Friday I needed to use it for just a few mins but didn't last even 2 mins and had the same recent response I had to sound, crying, shaking, got breathless almost heading towards a panic attack.

I'm just baffled why this is happening now with these triggers of sound and vibrations. I'm not convinced it is ear related as I don't get dizzy.

Any ideas? Anyone had this?