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Thread: And I thought I had a really bad habit!

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    Default And I thought I had a really bad habit!

    I have shaken my leg all of my life. I wrote it off to hyperactivity and bad habit. When my sleep specialist informed me I had RLS, I thought he was wrong. But I took the meds like a good little patient. And what do you know? I stopped shaking my leg! Unbelievable! I shook and didn't know I was shaking. People would ask me to stop. And I would for a minute or two. But then the shaking would continue. I honestly thought I was just so habituated that I couldn't stop. And I remember this cycle back into early childhood, 1st, 2nd grade.

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    good that it stopped it. moving your legs so much at night time surely made you more tired the net day whether you realised it or not.

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