I am wondering for any of you who have had blood patches, what has been your experience in the days and weeks after?

I just saw Dr. Schievink last week in LA and had thoracic and lumbar patches done. My constant headache has not gone away, but has seemed slightly different since the procedure. A few days after the blood patch, I started getting very dizzy and a bit nauseated, and also been foggy headed. I have no idea if the blood patch has worked and if now my body is adjusting to being at a new pressure, or if it has not worked, and if my body is having an adverse reaction to the patch or the other procedures I went through last week. I have been very dizzy and queasy now for 4 days. Dr. S did mention that it could take a couple weeks for me to balance out, but I have left him a message to check and see if all of this dizziness is normal. I am wondering if any of you have experienced something similar or if you all felt immediately better after a blood patch when one actually worked.