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Thread: Product for active WC users (Not an add)

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    Smile Product for active WC users (Not an add)


    I am a adult who's used a chair for 21 of my 33 years on the planet

    Being that I grew up with CP always having evals for every issue I have..I know there are soo many products that won't do anything for me-they are useless!!

    Yup, I am jaded when it comes to "stuff for the disabled." Be it products, services, or charities.

    This makes the fact that I actually came across a product and got excited is surprising to me, but nonetheless, I am excited..

    Check this out:

    Since I have used a chair, and I do prefer a rigid frame, I have missed:
    >Being able to get around on the beach (I know there are beach wc's, for me, more trouble than they're worth)
    >Being able to hike/camp or be outside beyond who ever I am with helps me to a chair and I just stay put-what it's like when I goto the beach or try and do something woodsy now
    >Being able to walk around in the snow!!

    The 3 reasons above made me excited to find this new gadget.

    Also it makes it easier for someone else to push a chair to access outdoor's stuff which is another great option!!

    Out of price range right now-that's ok, I am glad it's out there and i could be able to use my chair at the beach at some point
    (I love the beach)
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    Love it! I showed this to my WC using friends and they liked it as much as I do. Thanks for sharing!

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