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Thread: If on pain meds,what meds do you take for a bad cold?

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    zicam works well for me

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    For those who have tried the Neti Pot and given it up quickly because it is awkward or you don't care for the sensation, use it in the shower and let the saline wash down the drain. That irritating sensation will pass. It took about a week of daily use but I got accustomed to it. Now it is just another part of my shower routine. Often, if you have a killer sinus infection because you let it go on too long before seeing the doc (been there), it is REALLY important to deal with the inflamation as well as the infection. The Neti Pot helps as well as the salt gargles and drinking steaming boullion. The last time I waited too long before going to the doc, I went through two rounds of anti-bs and didn't heal. I would get better but four or five days after I had finished the round, the infection was back full force. I asked my patient doc if the inflamation was as much of the problem as the infection and if so, would a steroid help. I hate steroids and hate to play doctor but I was desperate. She scratched her head and said "could be" then wrote me another script for an anti-b and a short course of oral steroid. Bingo!!!!! For whatever reason, I got better. Best wishes to all.

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    OK, Benadryl has a sedative effect. They use it in OTC sleep meds. (Look for diphenhydramine in the ingrediens). That's why you're "spacey." For the cough, I do MucinexDM Maximum Strengh extended release 12 hour tablets. It is an expectorant similar to Robitussin DM.

    I have very good success with Sudafed 24 hour extended release for decongestion, and I take ColdEeze or Zicam at the first sign of a cold because a lot of times it will head it off and I won't get the cold. The stuff really works for me!

    Hope you feel lots better soon!

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    don't laugh, it really helped = Echanacia.... and Vit . C {grams and grams of it} it seemed to work for me, good luck whatever you try!

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