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Thread: Skin pain - burning sensation

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    Default Skin pain - burning sensation

    I was looking for a "skin" forum in the Neurological section here, but the Fibro forum will do as "skin pain" is not a separate condition with it's own name - or is there a specific disease of that?

    Anyway, I have small patches of skin about 2 inches diameter that will spontanerously start "burning". One common one is just above my elbow on the outside [back] part of the arm.

    Is it related to Fibro?

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    I've never heard of any skin issues myself. if I had your issue I'd try apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball & see if that gives you relief. it should kill off any bacteria which might be causing you grief.

    anyways-good luck & hope you find help.

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    i have fibromyalgia and have had for years but i associate any burning pains I have to my idiopathic peripheral neuropathy. i have had bouts of really itch parts as well. and that was as annoying as my burning parts. good luck. you may need to see a neurologist if it continues or perhaps your regular doctor to begin with. some are pretty smart, mine was years ago.

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