Having been suspended. long ago, The forums were MUCH better before the powers that be got politically correct could that be one reason this forum is so quiet. Yes, people may have gotten their feelings hurt, happens everyday in the real world, and people get over it. - the forum was a lot more interesting back then. hell, I may get suspended/ banned for this post. I will continue to speak my mind and if I get suspended/banned - Oh well. I hurt too much, am getting too old to take any crap from anyone. And besides, who is here to complain? Make no misteak, I love this forum, I know things evolve, but the pendulum on everything from this to that has swung way to far the wrong way. Heck, if you go out to diner and have ONE drink, no meds in system, if you get stopped, you WILL go to jail. Just an example. I care very deeply about the people here - I wish everyone well.