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    Question Medical Records

    Hi All - hope this finds everyone well. My question is: When I talk to my Psychiitrist at the VA, Is there ANY way I can ensure that those records are shared with NO ONE? (including other VA doctors) I have personal reasons for this, I actually go to a medicaid clinic, I am on SSI, and I would love to unload on my shrink (VA), BUT, I feel it is between me and him - and it is NO one else's business as I value my privacy, sadly, a very precious commodity these days. My only other option, would be to go to a walk- in clinic as a homeless person with no ID and hope to be seen and decline to share or sign ANY paperwork that had my name on it. I have serious issues that I Know I need to address but I am NOT willing to give up my right to privacy. thoughts?
    I would add that I am an ordained minister and I would NEVER divulge something discussed with me to anyone else unless they asked, or they needed more then I could provide in which case I would get a written consent form after counseling them on the ramifications of doing so.

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    Alex, I don't know but I would think the VA should have to follow the same" hipa" that other medical professionals have to abide by. I am seeing a therapist and she went over this and said she would not share even with another therapist without a signed document from me and even then she would not share anything that would identify me...but we are in the system now who can we trust anymore. Good luck and God Bless.

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    Alex, I can't say for sure but it is my understanding that therapist for the VA are under the same privacy restrictions that civilian therapist have to follow. You shouldn't have any problem with privacy issues but I would bring it up right in the beginning so you know for sure what the policy is. I hope you find it is the same and you can unload the issues you know you need to get out there so you can deal with the better.
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    @Alex... I would give the doc a letter expressing your wishes and ask that it be put in his/her medical records they have on you. That should help take out any "bad memories" down the road and releasing information that you don't want shared...
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